Product Management Reading List, 2019

Whenever I meet an aspiring PM, I’m asked, “Can you recommend any books or blogs to read?” Why, yes I can. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Inspired, by Marty Cagan
    I must admit to being a little puzzled by the name, but Inspired is the first and best book I’ve ever read on Product Management. Marty also publishes a fantastic blog.

  2. The Design of Everyday Things
    Don Norman’s classic is essential reading on design. His consulting company, Neilsen Norman Group, also has a phenomenal blog in which they publish the results of their UX studies and other invaluable (free) insights.

  3. Intercom’s Blog
    Intercom, the company responsible for the little blue chat icon on many of your favorite B2B products’ sites, was founded by product managers who think deeply about the craft and share their thoughts and experiences with the world on their beautiful blog.

  4. Blue Ocean Strategy
    This book introduced me to thinking strategically about Products as drivers for business success, not just as beautiful, usable, user-facing things.

  5. Crossing the Chasm
    Like The Lean Startup and others, Crossing the Chasm provides a framework for thinking about your product over time rather than statically, because success should be measured differently at different stages of the product lifecycle.

  6. Just Enough Research
    Too many product teams fly by the seat of their pants, making arbitrary decisions on what to build based on what feels right or which customer is shouting loudest. Erika Hall lays out a simple framework for making better decisions with just a little effort.

  7. Hacker News
    Know what’s going on.