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Shift left on go-to-market to build better products

Average PMs discover customer problems and create elegant solutions to those problems with software. Building products is what they’re best at.

Great PMs recognize that building a good product is table stakes and that the way to truly differentiate themselves is by taking a strategic approach to how customers or users find and adopt their products. Read on to find out how.

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The Cynical PM Framework, a business-first approach to product

As PMs, of course we have a responsibility to our users — but we’re primarily responsible for advancing the goals of our business. In this post, I posit a simple framework for identifying the different strategic roles your product might play and how to prioritize, position, and measure success once you’ve identified that role.

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Product Management Reading List, 2019

Do you want to be a better product manager? Do you enjoy words? Do you like the endorphin hit you get when they slide their way through your eyeballs into your brain? I sure do. Here are some of my favorite words on Product Management.

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Interviewing Product Managers

Because PMs come from diverse backgrounds and because every company does Product Management differently, there’s no ideal interview process that works for everyone. But most great PMs share key attributes and behaviors that make them great.

Over time, I’ve honed a number of interview questions I believe get to the heart of these attributes and behaviors. Responses to scenarios like these are difficult to rehearse, since they’re unpredictable and since good interviewers can ramp the difficulty of the scenario when candidates respond well.

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