Interviewing Product Managers

Because PMs come from diverse backgrounds and because every company does Product Management differently, there’s no ideal interview process that works for everyone. But most great PMs share key attributes and behaviors that make them great.

Over time, I’ve honed a number of interview questions I believe get to the heart of these attributes and behaviors. Responses to scenarios like these are difficult to rehearse, since they’re unpredictable and since good interviewers can ramp the difficulty of the scenario when candidates respond well.

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Over my career, I’ve kept a short, private list of the most important lessons I’ve learned, usually the hard way. In hopes that others might avoid the mistakes I’ve made, I’ve decided to publish and maintain that list here.

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Outside of my home city of New York, my favorite city in the world is Rome. I’ve spent almost half a year of my life there, and I find new things to love every time I visit.

I’m sometimes asked for advice on where to go and what to do in the Eternal City, so I’ve compiled this little guide containing my favorites.

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